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Vatos RC Car Off Road High Speed 4WD 45km/h Review

Vatos RC Car Off Road High Speed 4WD 45km/hVatos RC Car Off Road High Speed 4WD 45km/h comes packaged in a well-made color box. The truck is cable-tied to the cardboard so you must need a good pair of scissors to get them removed. The truck is coated with a very thin plastic protective film.

Despite its relatively small size at 1:22, this is incredibly fast! It is pretty durable too, thanks to the flexible polycarbonate shell. Can’t imagine you’ll get a better R/C car under £100 than this!

To set it up just hold the binding button whilst turning the remote on (the car should be turned on first). This is an actual 1 to 22 scale car which is very impressive. The batteries last ages. Looks ace and the customer support is also brilliant.

This is a good car. It is a bit too fast. So it can be a little tough for a kid to control. Battery life was better when you bought rechargeable AA batteries with longer life. The car goes over obstacles really well and worked on grass and gravel and goes uphill.

It skids quite easily which is extremely cool for turning corners. It is also easy to flip when turning too fast which makes driving look incredible. Highly recommended toy. Excellent car for the price. Also, good for kids and adults.

FAQ of Vatos RC Car Off Road High Speed 4WD 45km/h
Q1: How big it is?
A1: It is 1:22 scale as a real car.

Q2: How long is the charging time?
A2: The charging time for vatos RC car is usually 120mins. You can connect the USB charging cable to your smartphone charger or directly connect to a computer.

Q3: How long will the battery last?
A3: The battery for this remote control car usually last for about 10-15mins.

Q4: Is this RC car waterproof?
A4: This Vatos RC car is not waterproof.

Q5: Is the speed adjustable?
A5: This is high speed RC car. You can’t adjust the speed.

What includes in the package?
1* Remote control
1* USB charging cable (charger adapter is not included)
1* 7.4V/650MA battery
1* Screwdriver
1* Cross wrench/Hexagonal wrenches
4* Lock Catch

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  • 4WD: 1:22 proportational 4 Wheel Drive independent suspension system for various racing games.
  • HIGH SPEED: 45km/H,it may be small but this car has absolutely insane acceleration and the top speed doesn’t disappoint.LONG BATTERY LIFE:30 minutes battery life,also rechargeable via USB/charger; you must have your own USB-Wall adapter or power bank)
  • LED LIGHTING: 2 LED HEADLIGHT with dazzling light,better for playing at night
  • DIFFERENTIAL GEAR: Adopt three stage differential gear with the most complex technology in high speed auto industry.
  • SUPERIOR TRAFFICABILITY:superior trafficability of cross country and overcoming obstacle for multi-terrain racing like rocks, asphalt, packed dirt, and a cobblestone street,inclines.

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Vatos RC Car Off Road High Speed 4WD 45km/h Vatos RC Car Off Road High Speed 4WD 45km/h

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